NEC SL1100 Review

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NEC SL1100 Phone System

NEC SL1100 Review

NEC SL1100 ReviewNEC SL1100 Review

The NEC SL1100 is a unique phone system that will meet the needs of small to mid size to large size business with the needs of up to 96 phones.

SL1100 starts out at 4 lines in X 8 digital phones X 4 analog station ports for single line phones, analog cordless phones, and a fax machine.  The basic KSU or control unit expands to 12 lines in X 24 phones.  The maximum configuration is up to 96 phones X 48 lines in.

Basic features include: Call Transfer, Hold, Speed Dial, Programmable Feature Keys, Intercom, Flash Key, Caller ID, Help Key, Microphone Mute, Speaker Phone, 3-Line Display, Volume Key, and Call Log.

Advanced Features that require licensing and Hardware are Voice Mail, Auto Attendant, VOiP, SIP Trunks, Cordless Phones, All Call Distribution, Voice Mail to Email, Outlook Integration, Network Systems Together, Softphone, Desktop Suite Integration.

NEC Quality and Dependability.  ESSI has never had an actual NEC phone system switch or control unit fail.  The phones have about a 2% failure rate that we consider an out of the box failure.  All and all you can depend on the NEC Phone System day after day year after year.

Network Integration has enabled ESSI to make sure all of our customers are happy day after day with the ability to log in and make the necessary changes our customers need quickly and easily.

SL1100 Voice Over IP provides IP phones that can connect remote offices and home offices to connect via an existing internet connection.  Softphones that are best used to connect users from a hotel or on vacation, as typical internet connections at a hotel do not allow the ability to connect multiple devices to an internet connection.  The Softphone is installed on a Window Laptop Computer, once the computer is connected to the internet the Softphone will connect to the phone system.  The problem here is some hotels are not aware and do not have ports open that allow a Softphone to connect.

SL1100 allows the ability to call into the system and make calls out of the phone system making the user seam like he or she is in the office.


NEC SL1100 Review