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The NEC DSX Phone System has two different voice mails available one is the Intramail and the other is the Intramail Pro version. The main differences between the two is the Intramail Pro has twice much storage as the Intramial, the Inramail Pro will send voice mails to email as a wave file, and the Intramail Pro has 32 Automated Attendant Greetings as the Intramail has 16, generally used for multi businesses on one phone system.

NEC DSX Intramail

NEC DSX Voice Mail

- Up to 16 Automated Attendant Greetings
- Up to 128 Subscriber Mailboxes
- Available in a 2 or 4-Port 8-Hour Storage Configuration
& 8-Port 16 Hour Storage Configuration

2-Port, 4-Port, & 8-Port
The port configuration is the ports available to access the voice mail system.  For instance a 4-port configuration means the voice mail can be accessed by 4 users listening to there voice mails at one time.  This also applies to the Automated Attendant as the Automated Attendant is a mailbox on the voice mail system, so if two calls arrive into the system and you have the Automated Attendant configured to answer all calls and two users are checking there voice mail on a 4-Port voice mail then all of the ports are being used and if another call comes into the system the caller will get a continuous ring till one of the voice mail ports becomes available to answer the call.

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Automated Attendant Greetings

Automated Attend Greeting boxes can be used for initial greetings when a caller's call is first answered, for instance: thank you for calling E System Sales, Inc. if you know your parties extension please dial it now, for office hours press one now, to track a package press 2 and so on for what ever messaging you need to provide for your callers.

NEC DSX Intramail Pro

NEC DSX Voice Mail

- Up to 32 Automated Attendant Greetings
- Up to 128 Subscriber Mailboxes
- Available in a 4-Port X 16-Hour Storage Configuration
& 16-Port 32 Hour Storage Configuration
- Voice Mail to Email as Wave File

When configuring a NEC DSX Phone System consider how many incoming lines you have, how many calls you expect to arrive into the system at one time, and how you would like the NEC DSX Phone System to answer the phone, either have the phones ring the phones first and route the calls with a live person or have the voice mail system answer all calls and route the calls automatically.  You can also have the phones ring and set the voice mail system to answer 5 rings and rout calls automatically if no one is available to answer the calls.

Always remember you can have the voice mail system route calls 24 hours 7 days a week even on holidays.

Send Calls to a Cell Phone or any Phone

You can also configure the voice mail system to send a caller out to a Cell Phone from an Automated Attendant Greeting for lets say for an emergency or if no one is in the office making your business more available for you customers and clients.

Calls can also be transferred to a cell phone from a call answered by a user.

Auto Attendant
The NEC voice mail has 16 automated attendant mailboxes that can provide 4 auto attendant greetings for as many as 4 different businesses on one phone system.  The auto attendant greetings can be used as call routing greetings, directory, or announcement greetings.  Call routing mailboxes provide the caller with options like for sales press 1, for Jim press 3, or for Nancy press 4.  The Announcement greetings provide the callers with messages like store hours on other informational messages.  When a caller chooses a announcement messages like for store hours press 4 of for our fax number press 7" the caller will hear the announcement message a preset number of times that is set in the system programming and then be sent back to the call routing greeting were they came from.  a directory mailbox will ask a caller to dial in the letters of users first or last name they want to reach and the voice mail system will route the caller to the person they seek.

Off-site Call Forwarding
One unique thing that can be programmed into the auto attendant system is off-premise call forwarding like:  press 1 for immediate assistance.  When the caller press the 1 key on there keypad of there they will be routed through an outside line to a cell phone or any pre-determined phone number you choose.

Ring Group Mailboxes
A caller can be routed to a group of phones like an accounting department where several phones will ring at one time.  If the phone is not answered the caller will be routed to a ring group mailbox to leave a message and a light can be programmed into each of the telephones in that group of phones so every associate in the accounting department will be able to see if a message has been left in the accounting departments mailbox.

Company Directory
Callers are able to call in and dial by name by pressing the attended recipients first or last name and the voice mail system will route the caller to the recipients telephone or mailbox.

Answer Tables
Answer tables can be set so callers can receive different greetings particular to the time of day such as day, night or lunch greetings..

Night Key
A night key can be set on a telephone so when the business closes for the day the voice mail system will automatically answer & route calls.  A night key is also handy for company wide meetings when the whole company is in a meeting the auto attendant can answer and route calls.

Dial Action Table.
The NEC voice mail system can have up to 16 dial action table that can be associated with a call routing mailbox to route callers to there intended destination.  As explained before dial actions can be used with a system speed dial to route callers off-premise to cell phones, other business locations, and home phones from call routing mailboxes or individual associate mailbox greetings.

Answering Machine Emulation:  allows your voice mailbox the capability of a regular home answering machine that will screen your calls as they arrive.

Caller ID with return call:  allows users to see the source phone number that the voice mail arrived from with a call back soft key button.

Conversation Record:  adds the capability of recording conversations for training purposes.  Intramail Pro upgrade will send recorded conversations as a wave file to an email address.  SOFTWARE UPGRADE REQUIRED

Fax Detection:  the automated attendant can detect a fax tone and route a fax call to the pre-programmed fax destination.

Multiple Company Greetings:  the automated attendant can be configured to answer incoming lines with different greetings.  Multiple business can run on one phone system.

Automated Attendant Do Not Disturb
When enabled on a users telephone the telephone will not ring when a caller is transferred from the automated attendant, the caller will go directly in the users voice mailbox.

Auto Time Stamp
When enabled on a users mailbox the user will be able to hear the time & date the message was left,

Recorded Help
A user can receive recorded help on setting up a mailbox and how to use the mailbox also.

Extension Hunting to Voice Mail
When enabled a call transferred from an operator or attendant: if a call is not answered the caller will be directed to the users mailbox to leave a message.

Conversation Record
A function key can be configured on a users telephone to record a conversation into a mailbox.  When a conversation is recorded the conversation is left in the mailbox for that users extension.  A recorded conversation can be moved to a different mailbox for storage.

Security Code
A password can be set for each users mailbox.

System Administrator
A system administrator is enabled by default in system programming that give the capability to administer mailboxes with features such as: completely restore a mailbox to its default state, reset a password, and delete al messages.  The system administrator mailbox is were all auto attendant greetings are recorded.

Email Integration Unified Messaging
Email Integration Unified Messaging provides the ability to send voice mail to an existing email address as a wave file for EZ listening of voice mail anywhere the configured email address can be accessed.  SOFTWARE UPGRADE REQUIRED